Playa Tamarindo is a hotspot for families and surfers from all over North America and Europe. With it's beautiful golden sands beach stretching for 1.5 miles, it also makes an amazing location for a Costa Rica beach wedding. To the north, one will find a large estuary where advanced surfers can be found surfing the sand bar whenever a good swell arrives. Just south of the estuary is the main surf break where waves roll in rather gently over sand. This area is renowned as the perfect learner break. On any given day, tourists anxious to catch their first wave can be seen practicing their moves in the white water. The south end of the beach is home to several boutique hotels, calmer waters and less foot traffic. The south end of Playa Tamarindo is where we typically preform beach weddings. We find that this more private side of the beach tends to provide a better setting than the area near the estuary. Costa Rica Wedding Planner

photo credit: Comfort Studio