I would highly recommend Jon and Kirsten — they delivered a wedding day that my new husband sincerely describes as “flawless.
— Joy and Scott Savage

"I hired Four Winds in February of this year to assist in planning and coordinating our December wedding. After a consultation via phone with Kirsten and Jonathan, I was convinced they were the perfect team to not only secure our vendors (i.e. do the hard part!) but also put together an extraordinary setting. First and foremost, their coordination and handling of booking our vendors was so incredibly valuable that I could have never ever done any of it without them. They provided us with a few options for venues with extensive photos and eventually a 360 virtual tour of our selected venue. We did not have time or anything in our budget for a site visit, so relied 100% on their word and the visuals they provided. The location was magnificent and we were immediately excited once we saw it in person. Then came the fun part - the wedding design and floral planning. After discussing my vision, Kirsten provided an inspiration board with details of her plans. We worked through the specifics over the course of the next couple months - with her handling the local stuff and me DIYing some design elements to bring out with us. It all came together so perfectly. Kirsten's level of creativity is off the charts and her impeccable taste and attention to detail made our wedding day the most beautiful and perfect day I could have ever hoped for.

As we were reminiscing the wedding in the few days we had left with our family in Costa Rica, everyone agreed that no other destination wedding could compare to ours, that we've truly set the bar! All of my credit goes to Kirsten, for turning our inspiration into the real deal!"

- Anna and Patrick


We worked with Kirsten and the Four Winds Weddings and Events team for our small, family wedding. What attracted us to Four Winds Weddings was the sheer beauty in everything they do. We trusted that they would be able to take our general ideas and turn them into something beautiful, and they delivered. Everything was perfect. The flowers were breathtaking, the décor was amazing, and all the little details came together just as we had imagined.

The best part of the experience was working with kind, professional people who went out of their way to make our day special. We had a lot of anxiety about planning a wedding, especially a wedding in a place we had only ever seen on-line. We had no idea if what we were envisioning would actually work once we arrived. When we first met with Kirsten and Jonathan at our venue in Costa Rica, they instantly put our minds at ease. They assured us they would make it all work and they did.

We feel so fortunate to have been able to work with Four Winds Weddings and Events, and we would highly recommend them to anyone thinking of planning a wedding in Costa Rica.

- Julia and Jacob

The flowers were absolutely beautiful, breathtaking, vibrant, wonderful...pick your adjective,

I have absolutely nothing but the best things to say about working with the Four Wind team. My husband and I wanted to have a fantastic party to celebrate the day that we had started dating 7 years before and for our wedding - Four Winds definitely delivered!

What drew me first to this company were the fantastic photos from weddings that exhibited Kirsten's beautiful vision for boho chic decorations and perfect use of florals. From the beginning they were prompt with communication and clear about package options. They work through a very user-friendly website to communicate about all aspects of the wedding. Kirsten and her assistant genuinely try to grasp your style and vision for the event and offer fantastic rentals through their company. They also have a wonderful list of vendors in Costa Rica that were a pleasure to work with and delivered exactly the quality of service projected (Hair/makeup, cake, venues, transportation, musicians, etc).

The day of our wedding could not have been more perfect. The timeline was perfectly planned out and everything ran smoothly. The team knew exactly how to set the venue up and what would work best for our guests. Jonathan, the photographer, is also very skilled with knowing what locations and lighting were going to be best to take pictures. When I arrived to the ceremony my breath was taken away at how magical everything had turned out. For the rest of the night our guests had the biggest smiles you have ever seen on their faces and everyone could not stop saying it had been the best wedding they have ever been too (people were in utter shock at how fantastic it was). No one wanted to leave at the end of the night.

So in the end, I highly recommend using this company for weddings. I am so happy I chose to get married in Costa Rica and chose a stress-free style of planning my wedding. This team is fantastic and is very set on delivering the wedding of your dreams. Thank you!

- Jessica and David


Working with Kirsten, Jonathan, Kristen, and the rest of the Four Winds Team was absolutely the best choice my husband and I made in planning our wedding!! We considered several wedding planners in Costa Rica and ultimately chose Four Winds because we loved their unique design style and trusted that our wedding would be beautiful. We had no idea how lucky we were in making that choice! Not only did we end up with a beautiful wedding that suited our style, but we also benefitted from Four Winds excellent work in planning for the event, coordinating with our vendors, and ensuring that the day of went smoothly.

-   Christie and Jonathan McNeil