Top 5 Emerging Destination Wedding Trends

As destination wedding planners, part of our job is to detect rises in the popularity of up-and-coming styles amongst brides and within the destination wedding sphere. We’re enthusiastic about five soaring trends that have launched into high demand for the chic destination wedding bride. Are you ready?!


Brides in search of a trendy alternative to fresh floral blooms must explore the myriad of stylish possibilities provided by this soft, hand-crafted tapioca plant derivative. Sola wood flowers inject earth tones and accent any bouquet, table arrangement, or other facet of your design. Here are just few ways (okay, a lot of ways) you can incorporate them into different elements of your destination wedding decor:

  • bridal bouquets
  • head wreaths
  • cake toppers
  • DIY rose balls
  • table escort cards
  • keepsakes
  • floating centerpieces (they float, but please nix any accompanying fuego, like candles, for safety's sake!)

Want to diversify that long list even further? Infuse the dyed variety to throw in pops of color. Another option? If you favor flower blossoms other than the sola shell flowers pictured above (and want to dodge the disappointment of not finding your favorite blooms in an exotic location), they are also available in dahlia, ranunculus, and an assortment of shapes, sizes, and styles. A low-cost, endless source of inspiration and creativity, you can bet sola wood flowers will be widespread in next season's destination weddings.


Costa Rican sunsets are breathtaking, but afterwards, don’t find yourself lost in darkness- especially not on your wedding night. The tropical sun goes down around 6:00PM, meaning you will need to consider cool and effective ways to light your event. Forget the Tiki torches. Incorporate cafe string lights to soften shadows with an idyllic ambiance that will be unforgettable for all of your guests.

Draped fabric is great for drawing attention to the focal points of your event space, such as the dessert table or dance floor. Fabric combined with the right colored up-lighting can create the glowing impression of a mid-summer night’s dream. Another bonus? You can also use draping to disguise unsightly features of your venue that may disagree with your wedding decor. LED lights also deliver lots of light with very little heat (super important in a tropical dance party).


You won't find leftover cake in the freezer of the modern destination wedding bride. The traditional, intricate 3-tiered wedding cake has been shifted to the back burner in exchange for the dessert bar's wide array of palatable possibilities! Give your guests ample opportunity to sample delectable sweets without filling up after a large 3-course meal. Picture French pastries, macaroons, cake pops, cheesecake bites, tiny dessert bars, and mini-pies. Mmmm.

Who says you can't please everyone? To appeal to a large crowd, you can offer both safe-bet flavors (chocolate/vanilla) AND adventurous mixtures (pumpkin cheesecake/lime coconut/passion fruit & dark chocolate). Unique presentation is the key to minimizing leftovers, so wrap these tiny treats in fun packaging, incorporate your wedding colors, and layer & level your dessert display.


What better way to achieve a rustic, vintage wedding theme in eco-friendly Costa Rica than by infusing a recycled, versatile DIY design element? Salvaged bottle decor suits the ocean environment and fulfills many functions, acting as candle holders, a base for the signing book at your welcome table, or tree-hung lighting and decor. You can even employ them to carry a clever message in a bottle, song lyrics, or special letters addressed to your guests. Lastly, you can place them atop a vintage fixture, like an old dresser-turned-welcome-table, with colorful blooms budding from the bottles to create a truly bohemian vibe.

Now, these are just a few functions- salvaged bottle decor can also come in infinite forms: tall or short, plain or tinted glass, or maybe just filled with a bit of tinted water. If you want to create a playful effect, combine several bottle sizes, shapes, and styles. Add accents of ribbons and doilies, or adhere vintage photographs and prints to tie in your theme. Dress up apothecary jars with jewels. You get the point. The sky is the limit.


In the destination wedding world, Bohemian chic is all the rage. So how exactly do you pull it off? One word- texture. Boho infuses an eclectic worldly mixture of items, muted earth tones, and bold-colored fabrics with detailed patterns. Blend this exotic, layered decor with casual attire and it coveys relaxed feelings. Unleash your free-spirited design to create the perfect destination wedding vibe and you will automatically put people at ease. A boho textural palate is sure to make you and your guests feel at home in paradise.

Photographer credits: Image via Pinterest, Costa Vida Photography, Comfort Studio, Katherine Stinnett Photography

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