Floral Trend :: Sola Wood Flowers


Recently we had one very pleased  bride bring in a package of these petite wooden roses she had just received in the mail from Europe. Being completely unknown to us up until this point, we were excited to play around with the new design possibilities.  First, we designed boutonnieres paired with the tips of herbs and dainty feathers, we then began adding them to her bridal bouquet. We loved the outcome! Sola wood... who knew!?

Again, just last weekend, we were able to incorporate these dainty wooden blooms into our brides vintage garden hand-held design, pictured above.

Over the years we have seen our share of floral alternatives, but never have we seen one so adorable, versatile, and completely eco friendly. We have a feeling that  this little bloom, already popular in Europe, is soon going to be popping up in the wedding blogosphere, popular magazines and tacked all over Pintrest.

Sola wood also goes by the name of balsa wood and tapioca wood and can now be found at Save-On-Crafts.

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