Sittin' under a tree K-I-S-S-I-N-G

This last week, while road tripping a bit, we got to talking about how unbelievably beautiful some of our surrounding Ceiba, Mango and Guanacaste trees were. What a backdrop these noble trees would make for outdoor nuptials. Just the sight of a tree standing alone on a hilltop or in a grassy pasture, conjures up romantic thoughts.

As many of you are looking for ways to make your ceremony stand out and slightly part from tradition, you might want to consider letting mother nature create your ceremony backdrop.  If  you would like to glitz up a stand alone tree, there are many ways you can add decor to make your backdrop as lavish as you would like. This florida couple, pictured below, draped a tree in raw silk and intertwined floral blooms to make their tree backdrop their own.

Over the last few years trees wedding themes have been gaining in popularity.  You can now find items like wedding stationary, catering essentials and cake designs that are perfect for a host of different types of tree themes.  Have you ever seen a tree guest book? This is one of our favorite new trends that ties in a tree theme. Check back with us later this week. We will explain a tree guest book in greater detail and gather some unique examples for you.

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