Destination Wedding :: It's in the Bag

If you are planning a wedding in a far away land with lots of DIY items in tow, then you are probably wondering what it will cost to bring the items on the plane.

Aside from the stylish wardrobe you want to pack in order to look amazing for your soon to be husband or wife, you will be wanting to travel with special decorative, or sentimental items that will be incorporated into your event. The bottom line is, the practicalities of travel require some hard choices and some compromises.

Fortunately, there are online resources, such as Luggage Limits, an online luggage guide, that offer detailed baggage information on most major airlines so you can strategize in advance. Make sure you don't forget to check baggage allowance for small flights in other countries, as they are often the ones with tighter restrictions. For example, Costa Rica's Nature Air allows between 15 and 40 lbs. of checked baggage per person, weight depending on the class you purchase. You don't have to leave all of your desirables back home, but be sure to know your baggage limits and have a creative plan to get your luggage to your destination wedding. Guests that are traveling lightly to your destination with you are almost always willing to carry an extra box or backpack for the wedding couple.

Photo Sources: eddymusic via tumblr