Style Savvy Floral Textures

This fall, designers all seem to be starting a very public love affaire with natures texture, and why not!? The fall season provides us with an abundance of velvety leaves, odd shaped pods and hearty, almost creature-like blooms.

This stuff is great!  We would be foolish not to use these textures throughout entire event spaces.  This use of natural texture is a great way to add depth in design to any fall canvas.

We wanted to introduce to a collection of our favorites for this fall season. 1. Cobra Lily - The cobra lily, resembling a rearing cobra, can really be quite lovely when used for its linear, lacy, maroon and ivory bloom.

2.  Fiddlehead Fern Fronds -  This perfectly coiled fern tip provides a really clean, focal shape to enhance designs ranging from buffet tablescapes to flower girl head crowns.

3. Skabiosa Pod - This little pod is gaining a lot of popularity this year. Adorable, dainty little feathery seeds protrude in all directions, making a perfect little circle. These pods are very versatile and pair well with any color palette. 4. Shampoo Ginger - This plant, also known as pinecone ginger, has an almost waxy, firm petal that sits in layers, forming a pine cone like shape. 5. Chraspedia - Commonly known a billy buttons, this cute-as-a-button  little round yellow ball flower is a favorite this fall for many designers. 6. Sea Holly Thistle - This brilliant, blue late summer bloomer is now showing up in markets with blooms larger than ever before imagined. Their large, somewhat abrasive, looking heads aren't for everyone, but if you are feeling like adding a bold pop of amazing texture to your design in a {hard to find} shade of blue, this should be your first pick.  This bloom also comes in a smaller, soft, grayish blue bloom. 7. Echeveria - This attention grabbing texture is from the creme de la creme of succulents, the Echeveria plant. Often velvity, these succulents ranging from chocolate brown to lime green with pink tips, are highly valued by designers because they are hearty and extremely varied. 8. Dusty Miller - This soft, lacy, sage colored bloom can be tucked into designs in place of  more common greenery, creating a look that is much softer while still making a design appear larger.

This is an example of floral texture that we designed for a Pacific Northwest wedding this last summer.