Into the Woods

It is trilling to see decor trendsetters abound. Every event we attend or hip wedding blog we read, we are catching glimpses of creative design elements that are stunning. We love seeing this kind of creativity because it is not only an inspiration to us, but also to future brides and their grooms. Recently we were asked to come up with an alternative to the more traditional, guest book. We did a little digging on the internet and came across an idea of a bare tree who's leaves would be added in, first by the thumbprints of the bride and groom during their ceremony, and then by  their guests fingerprints, following their vows.  The end result resembled a family tree.  It was not only a beautiful addition to their day, it was also a great project for all of the guests to work on together.

The above tree was designed and hand-drawn by Kirsten at Four Winds Weddings and Events.

If you are looking to incorporate a guestbook alternative such as this one in  your event, you can find similar designs at Bleu de toi, an Etsy seller.