A Wedding Planner Guide to Costa Rica


With the most stable government in all of Central America and tourism on the rise, Costa Rica has moved to the forefront of the destination wedding choices for many couples. This post is a brief overview of the country from a Costa Rica wedding planner perspective.

The Law: Attaining a marriage license in Costa Rica is a relatively easy and painless process.  Costa Rica marriage license laws can be found here.

The Geography: One thing that sets Costa Rica apart from other destination wedding locations is the diversity of its landscape. With a great variety of beaches, volcanoes, cloud forest and calm gulf waters, this country offers something for everyone.

The Lifestyle: The most common phrase that you will hear while travelling through Costa Rica is "pura vida" which translates to "the pure life".  The beautiful people of this small country are considered to be some of the happiest people on earth. Their positive demeanor is absolutely contagious.

The Flowers: Costa Rica provides the ideal growing environment for orchids. The country boasts over 1300 varieties of orchids alone. Combine this with birds of paradise, many varieties of ginger, heliconia and bromeliads and you have yourself a stunning and locally harvested bouquet. The great thing about tropical flowers is that, not only are they beautiful and vibrant, but they are also hardy, so the wedding flowers can be enjoyed throughout the entire trip.

As we continue to explore all that this beautiful country has to offer, we fall further and further in love with it as the perfect destination wedding location. For additional information about our travels throughout Costa Rica, please check out our Insider Guide to Costa Rica.