Letterpress Your Love

Wedding trends come and go as often as the seasons. There are a few wedding elements that will forever be loved and incorporated in elegant events.  Letterpress wedding stationary is one of those elements. You do not have to be a classicist to love this fine printing type, valued for its unique beauty and tactile quality.

Historically, letterpress was used primarily as an alternative to the highly laborious  type form known as calligraphy. Today, you often see it paired with calligraphy to create intricate  wedding stationary designs that are created with true skill and attention to detail.

Recently we came across a Baton Rouge artist, Kathryn Hunter, who creates absolutely gorgeous {and affordable!} letterpress stationary for wedding couples.  Her original designs incorporate a wide variety of stylized birds and other romantic elements in candy-colored hues.  Her designs are pressed on a Chandler and Price "Old Series" platen letterpress from 1904.  We love her vibrant story and her style and we are excited to spread the word about her elegant craft!  You can find Kathryn's custom wedding design work at Blackbird Letterpress and the cards shown above on Etsy.

We also love Power and Light of Portland and Bison Bookbinding and Letterpress of Bellingham.  Their designs are bold and unique, while holding  on to elements of tradition.

Photo Credits: Image 1 &2 Blackbird Letterpress, 3 Power and Light