A Glimpse into the World of Villas

Costa Rica is blessed with beautiful beaches, tropical rainforest, amazing mountain cloud forest and some incredibly lavish villas. Most people would probably be surprised at how affordable a luxury villa can be when you break it down to the cost per person. We have found bargains for $50 per person/night.

The beauty of renting a villa as a wedding or reception location is that you can create a completely custom decorated space. The chef, music and photography is all curtailed to the wedding vision of the bride and groom.  Depending on group size, many of these villas will provide plenty of room for your guests as well.


The typical amenities that come with the villa rental are daily maid service, 24 hour security and private concierge. Additional services like private chef and catering, airport pickup/drop-off and personal driver can be arranged as well. There are several websites out there that work exclusively with villa rentals on a large scale. Here are some of the websites that we use to find and secure villas for our clients. Craigslist Costa Rica is a great resource for finding privately listed homes. VRBO is another site that we use. It has the largest international database of villas. Villas Caribe typically has a different offering of private homes and it specializes in tropical caribbean locations. With a little research, you can uncover a villa that fits your budget and your tropical wedding vision.  

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