The Simple Joy of a Beautiful Tent

We are rapidly approaching outdoor wedding season in the northern hemisphere! I couldn't possibly be more excited to go over outdoor wedding layouts with our couples. I might, however, be biased towards the use of a tent. Thinking back...I mean way back, I remember constructing makeshift tents in the living room using a haphazard combination of chairs, pillows and a blankets. There was just something about being inside the security of a tent, that felt incredible. Maybe this is where my love for tents started. In a more practical setting, like a wedding, a good tent can give you the feeling of being outdoors with the security of knowing that you are prepared for the elements. The use of a tent also allows you to create your own romantic scene complete with gorgeous lighting

The above photos might challenge your ideas of what a tent could be. The top photo is from an event with a two tent set up. The second photo is a clear tent setup that provides natural lighting, but also creates coverage for the event.

These two are more traditional interpretations of the wedding tent. The top image shows the elegant draping of this large tent. The picture below is of a circus style tent with large posts in the center.

Whether you are looking to create your own ambiance with a tent, or simply having a backup plan if the weather forecast looks bleak, there are a lot of options out there to choose from. Check out Town & Country Event Rentals for more tent inspiration and if you feeling like jazzing your tent up with sophisticated lighting, check out Luminous Designs for inspiration. On a non tent related note, we are currently hosting a Costa Rica luxury vacation giveaway. Take a second and sign up to win. We pick a winner on April 30th!

Photo Credit: Town & Country Event Rentals / Cory Parris Photography