Sky Lanterns-For Beauty, For Love, For Fun

Picture this:  As your wedding winds down, all of your guests have that warm and fuzzy feeling as they gaze into the summer night sky.  Their smiles widen and their eyes glow from the flaming sky lantern that just took flight. Messages expressing admiration for you as a couple and tips of wisdom for present and future romantically involved couples, soar up into the star filled abyss.

Not only is the release of sky lanterns a wonderfully romantic way to end  your wedding day,  you will also be continuing an age old tradition and creating lifetime memories for your guests.  For centuries,the practice of releasing sky lanterns has been tradition in celebratory festivals and ceremonies throughout the Far East.  In more recent years sky lanterns have been released at a variety of different gatherings for their beauty, their symbolism of love and just for the fun of it.  With their growing popularity around the globe, the tradition has taken on new meaning and new elements have been incorporated.  For example, at a wedding, guests could write meaningful messages on the lanterns and as they are released into the sky their messages could be read out loud to the bride and groom and all of their guests.

When making the decision to use sky lanterns there are a few thing that are important to keep in mind. First of all, make sure that you are selecting an environmentally friendly product.  Sky lanterns are now produced with 100% biodegradable material.  You will want to look for a product that does not use any metal wire (potentially harmful to creatures, large and small)!  You will also want to look for lanterns that are flame resistant and crafted out of rice paper or any safe material that rapidly disintegrates.

Another thing to keep in mind before you purchase these lanterns, make sure you are going to have the appropriate venue to incorporate this type of ceremony. Lastly, on the day of your event you will have to make sure that the weather is cooperating.  If it is raining or there are strong winds, the lanterns ceremony will have to be cancelled. You can, however, always give the lanterns to your guests. They make excellent parting gifts! You will want to have gift bags or ribbon ready in case of a last minute change of plans. For their beauty, symbolism of love, and because they are simply stellar, sky lanterns are perfect for any evening wedding or party!