Creating a Wedding with Personality

uniqubrideWhat brings two lovebirds together? Is it a love for literature or a passion for the arts? Since a wedding is a reflection of love, shouldn't it also be a reflection of a couples personality and style? That statement of personality can take many forms. It could be something bold like a bright red wedding dress or something subtle like a bride who hides a pair of  cowboy boots under her gown. This post is an ode to the couples that choose to express their uniqueness on their wedding day.


If your a bride that doesn't take your wedding cake too seriously, then you can really have some fun with the creative aspect of design. This is a perfect choice for couples wishing to have one creative and unique element of their wedding without going over the top.


By creating an environment that is a reflection of your personality, it will make the event more memorable for everyone in attendance. So, don't be afraid to add a little touch of personality on your wedding day.