Make a Splash with a Signature Drink

A new popular trend with weddings lately has been to create a signature drink that is served directly after the ceremony. This is a festive and colorful way to get everyone into party mode. One of the biggest challenges when creating this drink is incorporating your color theme into the cocktail. For brides that choose a shade of red or pink, this is no problem, but for colors like blue, brown or purple this can be an added challenge.

  • Select a cocktail that has a universal appeal-  I would recommend a drink that has an essence of fruit.
  • Stemware should be reflective of the celebratory event- It just wouldn't be the same if you had your signature drink in a keg cup. Class it up with a nice martini glass.
  • Garnishment- add a touch of your personality with a cool garnish. This could also be another way to incorporate another wedding color into your drink.
  • Do your "research"-  Have a night where you play around with different recipes so that you know that you have a memorable cocktail.

weddingcakemartiniWedding Cake Martini Recipe:

-2 ounces of Stoli Vanilla Vodka -1 ounce of pineapple juice -A splash of cranberry juice -A half teaspoon of sugar To prepare: Make a slice in your garnish and make one revolution around the martini glass to coat the rim with an essence of fruit. Lightly rotate the rim in sugar. Add a handful of ice to a shaker. Put a half teaspoon of sugar on top of the ice and muddle the sugar into the ice. Measure ingredients to taste or with a bar-tending jigger. Shake till you see a little frost on the outside of the shaker. Strain the cocktail and pour into your martini glass. Serve and enjoy!