A Day in Playa Grande

Costa Rica offers amazing diversity within its relatively small confines. Each location appeals to different couples based on their lifestyle preferences. For couples seeking a relaxing wedding with epic ocean views, Playa Grande is a great choice.


Although it is situated just across the estuary from Playa Tamarindo, Playa Grande couldn't be more different in atmosphere. Both towns are known for their stunning beaches (they actually share the same bay), but there similarities stop there.

A stroll through town on a Sunday, which admittedly is a slow day throughout Costa Rica, displayed a culture that is content with the simple things in life. On the beach you will find places like Rip Jack Inn, a hotel/restaurant with several quaint cabanas. It is the epitome of simplicity; Every room has a bed, a bathroom and a hammock. It seems as though these are the only requirements for life in Playa Grande.

While touring the hotel's grounds, we heard sounds of people laughing and enjoying their afternoon and decided to investigate. We walked up the mahogany stairs to the restaurant where we were surprised to find a panoramic view of the ocean. There were hammocks lining the railing, reggae music playing and a hand full of people casually socializing in the bar. This is one spot we will return to. Our next stop was to Taco Star. They feature typical surfer food (tacos, nachos, hot dogs and beer). Despite its simple cuisine, this spot has a lot of charm. Its motto is  displayed on a hand painted sign. It reads: "Eat, Drink and Relax".  After grabbing a quick taco, its time to see the main attraction: the beach!

Playa Grande is a 2 mile stretch of soft white sands beach. It was low tide when we were exploring and the beach was massive. Unlike its neighbor to the south, a walk on the beach feels rather private. There is a beautiful rock formation towards the north. Several large villas line the beach with private verandas. One thing that sets Playa Grande apart from the rest is that it is a giant Leatherback Sea Turtle nesting ground and the area was deemed a national park several years ago. This insures that Playa Grande will remain the same laid back town for many years to come!