Wedding Looks that are Timeless

classiclooksmallThere is so much that has been written about trendy wedding looks. When I think of trendy weddings, I think of my Aunt Nancy's 1985 nuptials. As was the trend at the time, her hair defied gravity and logic. It is humorous, actually, to look back at the wedding pictures. In fact, it is hard to notice anything but how out of style that look is now. Truth be told, trends come and go and weddings are supposed to last a lifetime. Why is it then that many brides look for the hottest fad for their wedding look?  At Four WindsWeddings & Events, we believe that a classic, timeless look actually enhances a wedding. Listed below are several of our general rules of thumb regarding wedding trends.

  1. Don't pull a Lady Gaga. Express yourself with creative decor and not outlandish couture.
  2. Makeup should be elegant and understated. You are beautiful just how your are!
  3. Keep your wedding party in check. It seems as though there is a trend towards having a gazillion bridesmaids. Keep your number at 5 or less.
  4. Stick with one of the 5 dress styles that are tried and true: A-line, Empire, Column, Ball Gown, and Mermaid
  5. Hair styles should be clean and beautiful without being distracting. You will be looking at wedding photos years down the road.