Destination Wedding Invitations

destinationweddinginvitationOne dilemma that I have heard from brides time and time again, is that its hard to find classy destination wedding stationary. A simple google search for "destination wedding invitations" yields cliche images of palm trees or starfish in the sand. In an effort to shift the status quo we are proposing a different method of design that still has a subtle tropical feel without being over the top. There are a few companies dedicated to using natural fibers. Ecopaper is a small company based out of San Jose, Costa Rica that specializes in using alternative, non-wood sources for their paper. This company, which was founded in 1995, has a longstanding commitment to their community as well as their environment. They donate a portion of profits to a local orphanage. By going with a company like Ecopaper, you not only get a fabulous invitation, you also help the environment.

There are many different ways to create classy, tropical invitations. One idea is to use two pieces of the natural paper, separated by a piece of thick velum. The mini booklet can be bound using a piece of bamboo and thick thread. Now that you have an idea for your invitations, it is important to accent that invitation with the proper postage. We found some really fun postage on They have several beach themed stamps that would compliment any destination wedding invitation

One site that we recently discovered is Inkbox Design Boutique. They have some completely original destination wedding ideas that have a distinctly tropical feel. We are big fans of the vintage looking "passport to love" idea!