Destination Wedding Guests: What to Wear for the Wedding

IMG_4306 Congratulations on being invited to a destination wedding. This is a very exciting and intimate event for the wedding couple. Since destination weddings are nontraditional in nature, deciding what to wear can be a serious challenge. The first step is to check with either the bride or groom and ask how formal the event is. Destination brides and grooms, this is something that you have to think about and it is important to be decisive. Since guests will most likely be included in wedding photos, you should set the tone and maybe have some simple standards. An example might be button up shirts and slacks for the men and a summer dress and sandals for the ladies.  The clothing should be appropriate for the region where the wedding is being held. It wouldn't really make sense to require the men to wear a wool blazer for a wedding in Costa Rica, but if the guests aren't sure, they may overdress just in case.

There is the ever present dilemma regarding mens footwear: To flip-flop or not to flip-flop. I decided to wear sandals to our destination wedding. A rule of thumb is if you are getting married in the sand, nice leather flip flops are a sound choice. If your ceremony is on a hard surface or grass, then opt for loafers or dress shoes.

There is really only one good website dedicated to selling destination wedding attire for men and women that I have found. Visit Island Importer, they have some great affordable, yet chic, clothing and footwear designed  with tropical weddings in mind.

Each wedding is unique, therefore, there is no one way to dress for every wedding. I have seen weddings where all the groomsmen decided to wear fake mustaches.  Another memorable wedding was the one where the whole wedding party came to the wedding wearing only their bathing suits. After the bride and groom said I do, the whole wedding party jumped into the ocean. The most important thing is that everyone is on the same page. Could you imagine if one of the groomsman forgot his fake mustache or if someone came to the bathing suit wedding wearing a tux with a bow tie?

With proper guidance from the wedding couple, guests can better prepare for the exciting trip and feel at ease knowing that they will be stylishly dressed to fit the occasion.