Even the name "Costa Rica" sounds inviting. The English translation is "Rich Coast" and the name seems to capture the inner essence of this beautiful country. Although Costa Rica is a small country (slightly smaller than the state of West Virginia), it offers up a bounty of geographical features within its borders. From massive cascading tropical waterfalls to the beautiful cloud forest, Costa Rica certainly has more to offer travelers than just pristine beaches.


Costa Rica is the epitome of a tropical country. In fact, it has only two seasons: the dry season (Dec-April) and the wet season (May-Nov). Lowland temperatures only slightly vary 10° F (5.6° C) with warmer temps occurring in the dry season. Altitude is also a factor in determining temperature. Since Costa Rica is a mountainous country, higher altitude areas yield cooler temperatures year-round.


Costa Rica has the most stable government in all of Latin America. Its crime rate is lower than any Scandinavian country. In fact, Costa Rica is so neutral that it doesn't have an Army. The country's unofficial motto is "Pura Vida" or The Pure Life and the saying is reflective of the peaceful mindset of its people.

Adventure Travel:

For travelers that are looking for a little adventure in their vacation, look no further than Costa Rica. Costa Rica is one of the few countries in which you can surf world class waves, cruise across expansive valleys on a zip line, cliff dive from a tropical waterfall and go mountainbiking in the same trip! Other noteworthy activities including diving, hiking, river rafting and kayaking.