Our Team

Four Winds Team Member Kirsten



Kirsten Juntunen | Co-Founder & Creative Director

As a child of two artists, Kirsten was encouraged to use her creative mind from an early age. Fortunately for her, she grew up with all the artistic supplies a girl could ever want. It was at the ripe young age of 9 that Kirsten decided that her preferred medium for expression was floral design.

In the 40 years that her family has owned their property in Washington State, they have transformed it from a stump ridden hill to a perfectly manicured 6 acre garden with a plethora of flora and fauna. Instead of having a lemonade stand out front of her house, Kirsten had a flower stand where she would sell petite bouquets.

She continued floral design throughout University and realized that her dream was to create a business where she was able to continue to challenge herself creatively while crafting designs for those looking to be wed in Costa Rica.

Secret Weapon: Pearl-headed Pins

Four Winds Team Member Jon

Jonathan Cooley | Co-Founder & Photographer

As a visual person, Jonathan has always been drawn to photography. In University, while pursuing his degree in Marketing, Jonathan learned how inner-connected powerful imagery was with business. It was at this time that he realized how coveted creative ideas and design were. In 2007, he and his wife Kirsten, crafted Four Winds Weddings & Events. The business was created with the goal of fulfilling their creative ambitions while also providing a top notch service for other couples.

Fast forward 7 years, and their boutique company has blossomed into a creative/planning resource for couples from around the world. Everyday is new and different. They are constantly evolving and adapting to the changing planning environment in Costa Rica. One thing that remains the same is their commitment to creating and executing quality events with style and finesse.

Secret Weapon: Gaffers Tape

Four Winds Team Member KC

KC Cowles | Associate Wedding Planner

Kirsten, aka KC to avoid confusion with the other Kirsten, is a Seattle native who left the evergreens and rain for the sunshine and beaches of Costa Rica. Outside of work, you can find Kirsten walking the beach with her dog, at home crafting, or with a good book and a glass of wine. A lover of travel, she’s backpacked throughout Central America and loves exploring Costa Rica’s beauty and recommending her favorite spots.

After graduating with degrees in Business and Spanish, she fell in love with the world of events. Over the past 6 years, she has planned over 150 events and knows how to pull off eccentric requests and off-the-wall ideas. Her event career has led her to plan and attend some fun events such as red carpet world premieres, large boozy dance parties, networking happy hours, food truck marketing tours, test-drive obstacle courses, and of course weddings. Super organized, logistically minded, and a lover of to-do lists, she’s the one in the background making sure all the details are well thought out.   

Secret Weapon: Clipboard + Pen

Four Winds Team Member Belen

Belen Pino | Associate Wedding Planner

Belen was born and bred in Argentina but her hunger for adventure and new experiences led her to move to paradise two years ago. She graduated as an English teacher and now applies her classroom planning abilities, multitasking skills and creative drive to event planning. Fluent in English and Spanish, Belen keeps communication flowing with Costa Rican vendors. If she is not salsa-dancing like crazy, you will find her lying on the sand accompanied with a book and her favorite Argentinean drink, mate, to make things feel a bit like home. Always ready to venture out of the office and head to the dream like locations we call wedding venues, she is hands-on helping Kirsten with any floral and design related tasks that need to get done. 

Secret Weapon: Chalkboard Markers