Rustic Chic Decor Essentials

As earth day approaches, what better time to draw inspiration from mother earths brilliantly designed natural elements. Lets face it, nature is cool and so are natural products. Why not show your admiration for mother nature at your wedding and get in touch with your earthy side? We’re not talking about getting married in a creek, while your guests all stand misserbly on the muddy banks mucking up their dress shoes. We’re talking, more along the lines, of incorporating rustic chic design elements into your wedding decor. You’ll see…

Being huge nature lovers ourselves, we fully support a theme that is, purposefully, a little rough around the edges. For a truly rustic chic decor,  pair rustic items such as various handmade wooden objects with natural chic items like pearls and feathers. Twine, leather and burlap become jaw-dropping textures when balanced with elegant decor elements.

Because of our roots in the Pacific Northwest we chose noble trees for today’s inspiration.  Keep in mind, a rustic chic theme could take many forms. Get inspired by your natural surroundings!

If your thinking to yourself… I could make something like that cake stand. You can – and heres how!

Photo credits: 1 & 2 Once Wed, 3 Style me Pretty frame, 4 Power and Light letterpress, 5 & 6 Veranda Magazine, 7 & 8 E. Claire Creations

  • Dognbird

    Dog lived in Seattle so we’re definitely a fan of these rustic touches. Thank you for the inspiration!

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  • Bailey

    Such a beautiful blog!

    Im having a rustic themed wedding as well and am always looking for places to draw inspiration from, your site alone has eased some of the feelings i get when looking for ideas. thank you!

    I love the brown around the napkins….just what i was looking for to jazz up the table!! :)

  • Brandy Derrico

    Very interesting blog post thank you for sharing I just added your blog to my favorites and will be back :) By the way this is off subject but I really like your sites layout.